Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ibotta App: Cash, Not Coupons

When we made the decision to upgrade to smart phones, one thing I was determined to do was find a way to earn money while using my smart phone.

I tried a few different apps since our upgrade this summer, but none of them seemed to be worth the hassle.  Just about a month ago, I joined ibotta and have been really pleased with program.

Ibotta is kind of like coupons without the hassle of clipping and organizing a bunch of coupons that I usually forget to take to the store with me anyway!  With ibotta, the discounts are all organized on my phone and the cash I earn after my purchases goes right into my paypal account!  (You can also choose your earnings in the form of Starbucks, redbox or iTunes gift cards!)

With bonuses for tasks and referrals, the potential to earn $$$ is limitless!  Just for signing up, ibotta is offering $10 in bonuses by redeeming 10 offers in the first two weeks!

Join ibotta today and start earning money on products you already purchase!

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