Dollar Store DIY

I love crafts and DIY projects but craft supplies aren't always something I can fit into our budget. Too often, I've ignored the crafting bug when it hits simply because we never seem to have a lot of money to spare on fun projects.

I make sure to have the basics on hand for Grace:

  • glue sticks
  • markers
  • colored pencils
  • crayons
  • paint

Grace is really good at saving recyclables to use for crafts:

  • cardboard tubes
  • cardboard boxes
  • cardboard backing from notebooks 
  • plastic lids
  • ribbon from packaging 

I supplement our supplies once in a while from the craft sections at Walmart or Target and occasionally I hit JoAnn Fabric, A.C.Moore or Michael's when I have a coupon, but mostly I find that the dollar store has some decent supplies for kids' crafts.  

On this page of my blog, I will link up crafts that Grace and I work on that use dollar store supplies. Of course, they can be found on the main page of the blog via the search option on the top left of the page, but I thought that having a Dollar Store DIY tab under the blog title would be helpful as well!  

Happy Crafting!  

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