Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I love the 80's

Grace's school often has theme days.  Twin Day, Sports Day, Pajama Day, Dress Like Your Favorite Teacher Day, etc.  Usually these theme days stress me out.  I have high anxiety when it comes to stuff like this and my kid is a bit high-anxiety as well.  Not a good combination.

This year, the Grace's school had an 80's day!  First, I laughed because most of the parents of the kids at school were either babies or not yet born in the 80's!  But then, after thinking of all the possibilities, I started to get really excited!  Especially, when I realized I had everything I needed to dress her up right at home.  No trips to the store were needed for this theme day!

When Grace told Joe about the school event, he laughed and said just a wee bit sarcastically, "Oh, you're going to have the biggest hair in the school!"

I took that as a challenge!  (Although, from the photo, it doesn't look all that big!)

It took me a little while to figure out which direction I was going to go with her outfit, but once I decided, I was thrilled with the outcome!

Layered tanks, skirts, leggings, boots with socks scrunched down, pink hair chalk (instead of pink hair spray) chunky jewelry, emoji buttons on denim jacket (in place of concert pins)....I think I had a bit too much fun putting this outfit together!

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