Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: February, 22nd (Freezer Clean Out)

Over the weekend, I attempted to reorganize our freezers.  I have both my kitchen freezer and my basement chest freezer stuffed and it was very difficult to locate anything. 

Part of my problem is that I stored a lot of leftovers in plastic containers instead of freezer bags.  Those plastic storage containers just take up so much space in the freezer.  Freezer bags can stack much nicer and take up less space. 

In the next few weeks, I am going to try to use up some of my pre-made dinners in order to make room in the freezer.  And anything I add to the freezer will be stored correctly from now on! 

Here's my plan for this week: 
  • Monday:  Chicken Soup, BBQ wings
  • Tuesday:  Chicken Croquettes, mashed potatoes, corn
  • Wednesday:  Ravioli and Chicken Parm 
  • Thursday:  Cowboy Stew, corn bread
  • Friday:  Minestrone Soup, grilled cheese or tuna sandwiches
  • Saturday:  leftover buffet
  • Sunday:  Pork chops, macaroni and cheese, vegetable
The barbecue wings and ravioli are leftovers from the SuperBowl.  I froze everything right away, so that we wouldn't waste the leftovers.  I hate throwing food away after a party because I don't deal with the leftovers right away.  This time I forced myself to pack them into the freezer! 

The chicken parm is a store bought frozen dinner.  Figured it would be a good match for the ravioli. 

The cowboy stew and minestrone soup are leftovers from previous dinners that I saved the leftovers for easy dinners.  Unfortunately, they weren't stored in freezer bags and are causing a lot of wasted space.  I won't make that mistake again. 

By cleaning out some of the freezer stuff, I'll be saving on groceries this week.  I should be able to get by with only buying milk and bread and a few baby items. 

I'll also be able to focus on other parts of the house or just spend more time playing with Gracie, since a few of my meals this week are just reheat and serve type meals! 

For other menu planning ideas, be sure to check out Menu Plan Monday, hosted by I'm an Organizing Junkie

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prescription Coupons

This may not be new to you, or maybe you're like me and it didn't occur to you that coupons are offered for prescription medications. 

A couple of weeks ago, we took Grace to our pediatrician for a check up.  The doctor prescribed a medication for Grace that I'd never heard of before, for a condition that I also never heard of.  (For Grace's privacy, I won't mention the medication name or condition.)

Wanting to do a little research before getting the prescription filled, I looked at the little white square of paper and was amazed that I could actually read the name of the medication.  (It amazes me that the pharmacists can read those things!)  I found a website for the medication and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a coupon for $15 off. 

Since we have a prescription plan, I almost didn't print the coupon.  I remembered that recently we tried to get a prescription filled for something else a while ago and it wasn't covered at all.  So, I printed it anyway.  I read the fine print and realized that if there was a co-pay under $15, you'd save the amount of your co-pay or the $15 whichever was less.  Great!  I thought for sure, we'd get some free medication for Grace.

NOPE, not free.  Try, $35 after the $15 was deducted!  With our prescription plan, the medicine was $50. 

$35 was still a lot of money for us, but still better than the original $50.  I was so thankful that I found that coupon.  It was a total accident, but I will be sure to look for other coupons when prescription medications are needed. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: February 8th

I seem to be struggling with my menu plan for this week.  Mainly, because we have so much food leftover from our Super Bowl Get Together (6 people including the two of us isn't a party is it?). 

True to form,  I cooked too much food!  After putting it all away (and sending some home with our guests), our refrigerator is overflowing with leftover party food! 

This morning, I pulled everything back out and separated into smaller portions.  I kept some in the fridge for this week and froze the rest for later.
I love having pre-cooked food in the freezer for last minute lunch guests!  (hint hint, Mom!) 

So, my menu for this week is pretty much a leftover buffet, but I will try to make new meals using the leftover components.  

  • Monday:       kielbasa sandwiches / pierogi
  • Tuesday:       buffalo wings / Roasted Garlic and Potato Soup
  • Wednesday:  meatball sandwiches / macaroni & shrimp salad
  • Thursday:     Cowboy Stew (from the freezer)
  • Friday:          spaghetti & meatballs / garlic bread
  • Saturday:      Kielbasa Soup (using vegetables from veggie tray)
  • Sunday:         Asian-Style Pepper Steak (unless we get Chinese take-out for a Valentine's Day treat!)
All of the highlighted recipes can be found on my recipe blog, My Vintage Kitchen.  The original recipe (and my inspiration) for Asian-Style Pepper Steak can be found here on my friend Lisa's blog, Extraordinary Life.

Friday, February 5, 2010

15-Minute Tackle + Food Round Up

I really feel as if I've neglected this blog this week. 

I've been putting off posting about last week's 15-Minute Tackle.  Mainly because it took me until THIS week to complete only one portion of it.  I planned on getting the guest room decluttered and I also wanted to work on thank you cards. 

The guest room is clean, still a little cluttered but that's not likely to change unless we move the computer to another room.  We don't have another room. 

The thank you cards are started.  Not finished. 

So, I guess we'll say that is my 15-Minute Tackle for this week.  FINISHING thank you getting the house ready for Super Bowl Sunday.  I'm not going crazy with that though.  Taking it easy on myself!  Head on over to The Domestic Contessa to learn more about the 15-Minute Tackle! 

While I'm admitting defeat, I guess I should also say that I'm not doing well with cutting back on junk food and soda.   While I'm cooking healthier dinners, I'm still snacking ALL day and just can't kick the soda habit! 

Another reason for my neglecting this blog is because I've been cooking up a storm!  Since my other blog is my recipe blog, that's where I've been this week! 

Here's what's been cookin': 

another Crock-Pot recipe!

I also made home-made chicken broth for the second time ever in two weeks!  I'm pretty impressed with myself as far as that's concerned.  I do plan on doing a blog post about my chicken broth, but I just haven't gotten to it yet.  Not with posting all those other recipes. 

As I mentioned before, we don't go out to eat nearly as often as we did before we bought our house.  I cook most nights and the nights I don't cook, we're eating leftovers.  I usually stick to the basics and occasionally try a new recipe here or there.  But all of those new recipes in such a short period of time...that's a record for me! 

Be sure to click the links under the pictures of the recipes.  That will take you over to my other blog (My Vintage Kitchen) that is dedicated to recipes (and kitchen stuff).   

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wanted to Share: Le Creuset Giveaway

Okay, so I just found out about this today, but wanted to share with you guys! 
Rachael over at Mrs. Adventure, is having a giveaway.  It ends tonight, so if you act fast you can still enter to win a great set of Le Creuset Bowls

How great would these look in my kitchen?
Well, that is, once it's painted! 

Thanks, Rachael, for the chance to enter a great giveaway! 
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