Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prescription Coupons

This may not be new to you, or maybe you're like me and it didn't occur to you that coupons are offered for prescription medications. 

A couple of weeks ago, we took Grace to our pediatrician for a check up.  The doctor prescribed a medication for Grace that I'd never heard of before, for a condition that I also never heard of.  (For Grace's privacy, I won't mention the medication name or condition.)

Wanting to do a little research before getting the prescription filled, I looked at the little white square of paper and was amazed that I could actually read the name of the medication.  (It amazes me that the pharmacists can read those things!)  I found a website for the medication and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a coupon for $15 off. 

Since we have a prescription plan, I almost didn't print the coupon.  I remembered that recently we tried to get a prescription filled for something else a while ago and it wasn't covered at all.  So, I printed it anyway.  I read the fine print and realized that if there was a co-pay under $15, you'd save the amount of your co-pay or the $15 whichever was less.  Great!  I thought for sure, we'd get some free medication for Grace.

NOPE, not free.  Try, $35 after the $15 was deducted!  With our prescription plan, the medicine was $50. 

$35 was still a lot of money for us, but still better than the original $50.  I was so thankful that I found that coupon.  It was a total accident, but I will be sure to look for other coupons when prescription medications are needed. 

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