Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Sneak Peek: CSN Stores Product Review

I am so excited!  My package from arrived on Friday (Wow!  That was fast!)  with my Le Creuset item that I am going to review! 

This isn't the review yet...just another sneak peek! 

Can you guess which item I picked? 

Tart Pan in Cherry

Rectangle Baking Dish in  Caribbean

Mortar and Pestle Set in Caribbean

Multi-colored Prep Bowls

So, did you guess? 

I'll only tell you that I've used it once already!  I want to use it a couple more times before I give the official review. 

Also, I'll have you know that looking over the website, I had a very difficult time choosing what item I wanted to review.  I finally had it narrowed down to the four items listed above and still had a difficult time choosing! 


Anonymous said...

baking dish?

Lisa Babcock said...

Mortar and Pestle Set in Caribbean :-).

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