Thursday, March 18, 2010

Make the Most out of Limited Cabinet Space + a coupon.

I have a very small kitchen.  Not only is it small, the layout was poorly planned 50+ years ago.  And there is very little storage/cabinet space. 

Grace's things take up an entire cabinet.  This cabinet holds her quart-sized formula bottles, containers of juice, baby food jars, boxes of baby cereal, assorted baby/toddler snacks, sippy cups, plastic dishes, her utensils, etc. 

Every time I would put Grace in her high chair, I would have to run to her bedroom to grab a bib.  We live in a rancher, so it's really not that big of a deal to run down the hall to grab a bib, but with every meal, it was just getting to be annoying.  Besides, I would usually remember that I needed to grab a bib after Grace was already in her high chair and once she's in her chair, she wants to eat right away!  She doesn't want to wait for me to run to her room. 

I didn't want a pile of bibs sitting on the kitchen table all the time and I just didn't have any more space in "her" cabinet.  Or so I thought. 

A couple of months ago, I had an idea.  Attach a hook to the inside of the cabinet to hold Grace's bibs.  I started to make a mental note to call Joe and ask him to stop at the hardware store for some sort of hook to screw into the cabinet door.  I was thinking a cup hook or some other small hook. 

I then remembered that we used some of those Command Hooks by 3M to attach our garland to the top of our mantel over the holidays.  So, I went out to the garage and grabbed one and attached it to the inside of the cabinet. 

I can squeeze about 5 or 6 bibs on that hook and as long as I remember to replace the dirty ones with clean ones, it saves me running down the hall while Grace is making it known (loudly) that she's ready to eat! 

Here's a picture of the Command Hook by 3M in use: 

I love that this can easily be removed once Grace refuses no longer needs to wear a bib!   And there won't be any holes left once it's removed like there would be if I used a cup hook like I originally planned. 

When I went to link to the Command website, I found a couple of printable coupons.  One for $1.00 off Command Picture Hanging Strips and another for $1.00 off Command Hooks. 

Click here to download and print the coupons.  Act fast, these coupons expire 3/31/10. 

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The Saved Quarter said...

Clever idea! I wouldn't have thought of it, but bibs are a perfect use for those hooks!

Kimberly said...

I love those hooks. I too have a very small kitchen (from the 40s) and have found that hanging things saves me a ton of space. My cupboards are metal and I have magnet hooks on the front of mine holding hot pads and my kitchen towel. Great thinking for those bibs. We never had a good place for my daughter's.

Alison said...

Thanks for the comments!

The Saved Quarted...I wish I'd thought of it sooner! But glad that I finally did!

Kimberly, I'd LOVE to have the metal cabinets from the 40s in my kitchen! Great idea using magnet hooks for hanging your potholders, etc!!!

tammy l said...

Awesome idea!!! I have our bibs in a basket in a cupboard, but I like this idea better! :D

Alison said...

Thanks, Tammy! Be sure to print the coupon, it expires soon!

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