Monday, May 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: May 17th - May 23rd

I'm really struggling with this week's menu plan.  In fact, I just feel like I am struggling in general.  I feel all over the place.  My mind is everywhere and I can't stay focused on just one task. 

Last week's menu plan didn't go very well.  We didn't stick to the plan at all!  Only three of the seven meals planned were served. 

We celebrated Mother's Day a little late last week, since Joe got called into work that afternoon.  So, on Monday we picked up Chinese food on the way home from running errands.  We ate the leftovers on Tuesday!  Chinese or pizza take out doesn't make me feel that guilty, since we always get at least 2 dinners from it. 

On Saturday, the little school up the road from us had a BBQ Chicken fundraiser and since Grace LOVES chicken, we decided to get that for dinner instead of cooking.  We also bought some extra for her for other nights this week. 

I'm hoping to do better this week.  There will be a few things carried over from last week. 

Also, we're still mainly eating from the freezer/pantry again this week, since we're trying to avoid a big shopping trip until June.  Until then, I'll be looking for some new and easy, frugal recipes to add to our weekly menu plans for June!  If you have any suggestions, let me know! 

For now, I'll post this week's dinner menu: 

  • Monday:      beef barley soup with biscuits
  • Tuesday:      BBQ pork sandwiches, baked beans, sliced potatoes
  • Wednesday: chicken rice soup with grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Thursday:    tuna salad sandwiches, pasta salad
  •  Friday:        meatball sandwiches, mixed green salad
  • Saturday:     leftover buffet
  • Sunday:       turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies
So, we're having sandwiches a lot this week.  I don't think Joe will mind.  He rarely complains about what I plan for dinners. 

I've already taken a few things out of the freezer for this week.  Hopefully, that will help me to keep on top of this week's menu plan.   Too often I either forget to get something out of the freezer or I just don't have the time to DIG something out of the bottom of the chest freezer! 

For more menu planning inspiration check out Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie

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