Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wednesday's Garden Linky Party ~ A Weekly Garden Tour Week #2

Although, I worked behind the scenes in a flower shop for almost 20 years, I am probably the worst gardener on the planet.  I think this may be a trait that I inherited from from grandmother.  So, every year, I drool over and covet other peoples' gardens.  My cousin, Wednesday, has a beautiful garden that she shares with her family and friends via social media.  Each morning she strolls her garden and snaps some pictures to post on Facebook.  Last summer, I found myself eagerly awaiting her newest photos each day.  I loved watching her garden blossom and flourish.

Today, and every Wednesday through the Spring and Summer, I invite you to visit Wednesday's Garden with me.  Additionally, I will post a linky for anyone that would like to share their garden theme posts for the rest of us to enjoy.

Here are a few photos that Wednesday shared with me this week, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

Beautifully vibrant Asiatic Lilies add a stunning splash of color to the lush greenery throughout the garden.

While I love the bright lilies, the soft hued chives add a subtle touch of color to the brick walkway adorned with plastic and terra cotta pots.

In addition to plants, Wednesday likes to add a bit of whimsy to her garden with some novelty items either store bought or created by her children or herself.

In the weeks to come, I am sure we will see a few more frogs (or are they toads?) like the one perched on the pillar above!

Inspired by Pinterest (of course), Wednesday and her kids created the cute toadstool above using an old bowl and some paint.  This is the perfect way to add some fun to the garden while camouflaging a stump.  I think this would be a cute cover for the top of our well head that is near the front entrance to my house and I have the perfect bowls just waiting for this project!

Now it's your turn!  I want to see your garden!  Please link up using the linky below....and don't forget to come back next week since we still have more to share!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Garden thank you for hosting

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