Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday's Garden Linky Party ~ A Weekly Garden Tour Week #3

Although, I worked behind the scenes in a flower shop for almost 20 years, I am probably the worst gardener on the planet.  I think this may be a trait that I inherited from from grandmother.  So, every year, I drool over and covet other peoples' gardens.  My cousin, Wednesday, has a beautiful garden that she shares with her family and friends via social media.  Each morning she strolls her garden and snaps some pictures to post on Facebook.  Last summer, I found myself eagerly awaiting her newest photos each day.  I loved watching her garden blossom and flourish.

Today, and every Wednesday through the Spring and Summer, I invite you to visit Wednesday's Garden with me.  Additionally, I will post a linky for anyone that would like to share their garden theme posts for the rest of us to enjoy.

Before I show you this week's photos, I want to thank those that signed up last week!  Mosswood Connections shared some visual processing activities for kiddos, including a Nature Treasure Hunt Mandala.
Jenny Marie's Musings showed us her Basil Pot in her new weekly series, What's Growing on My Patio.

We're a new linky party with a slow start, but I hope that we will have a lot more of you joining in each week as our gardens flourish.

Here are a few photos that Wednesday shared with me this week, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

How pretty is this vibrant pink geranium?  I know this would make me happy greeting me each morning!

Wednesday captured this neat photo of a fern leaf!

I've heard that succulent plants are pretty easy to grow.  I haven't attempted these yet, but have a few planters that they would look fabulous in!  Wednesday has a few succulent planters that I will share in future installments of Wednesday's Garden.

Gardening can be an expensive hobby, which is partially the reason that I haven't jumped right in with both feet.  Wednesday is an expert at tending a frugal garden.  From purchasing plants on clearance, or even hosting a plant swap each summer, to finding her pots and other garden accessories at yard sales, thrift shop or even curb-side (in the trash!)!

This shabby chic bird cage is Wednesday's latest curb-side find!  Isn't it lovely?!  This would look perfect in my house on my sofa table!  I just love the chippy paint!  I look forward to see how Wednesday will incorporate this into her garden.

Now it's your turn!  I want to see your garden!  Please link up using the linky below....and don't forget to come back next week since we still have more to share!

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Patti Estep @ Hearth and Vine said...

Hi Alison,

Over the weekend I tried to send a link but I kept getting an error message from the link service. Now I see that several are posted. I'm so sorry. Please delete them if you can as I do not know how to do that.
Thanks for hosting.

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