Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring: A New Season Brings New Changes

Happy first day of Spring, everyone!

I don't know about you, but I sure am looking forward to some nice weather!  We've had snow TWICE this past week!  Not the weather I expected leading up to the first day of Spring!

But, as much as I am looking forward to the new season ahead, I cannot help being reminded that the first quarter of the year is almost over.  What have I accomplished since the start of the year?

With every new year, I make the same three resolutions:
  1. Lose weight/get healthy. 
  2. Get Organized. 
  3. Save Money.  
Every year, I fail miserably.  

This year, I've only followed through with my third resolution.  Thanks to this 52 Weeks of Savings plan, I've challenged myself to put a few bucks into our savings account each week.  So far, I've succeeded.  

Getting organized and getting healthy?  Not so much.  Aside from considering my options, nothing else has even been attempted to bring myself closer to these goals.  How depressing!  

I'm overwhelmed with the clutter in my house and just don't know where to begin.  I have a feeling I'll be purging another 500 items (maybe more) from our home.  I'll try to do better at documenting my progress once I start.  Last year, I succeeded in removing over 500 items in a month's time.  I just failed in reporting back here each week.

Would anyone be interested in doing the 500 Item Challenge with me this year with a weekly link-up?  April 1st would be a good day to start.  

While I sit here, snuggled on the sofa with the dog, I find it difficult to believe that Spring and Summer will be here soon.  As much as I won't miss the cold, grey and dreary weather, I find comfort in my bulky, warm layers of clothing.  Spending many months as a couch potato, I am in no way ready for short sleeves, shorts and let's not even talk about bathing suits!

Over the weekend, I picked up two books,The Digest Diet: The Best Foods for Fast, Lasting Weight Loss    and The Digest Diet Cookbook as they were recommended to me from a friend.  Each week, she's been checking in with her results and she is doing great!  

I'll be spending the rest of this month gathering my games plan (and my courage) to tackle the clutter and the calories that are keeping me from achieving my goals for 2013 as well as making plans for our vegetable garden.  I'll be trying my best to come back here with updates as well as tips and tricks along the way!

*Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links.  I will receive a small compensation if you purchase the books linked in this post.  

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