Monday, May 6, 2013

100 Day Weight Loss Challenge ~ Starting Over at Week 5

So much for my plan of eating healthy while the hubs was home last week!  Too much leftover pizza and birthday cake, along with a lot of meals on the road both added up to a non-diet-friendly week.  Boy!  The scale sure did reflect all of those bad choices!

Rather than hang my head in shame or kick myself for doing badly, I'm starting this week with a positive attitude and going back to the things that worked for me in Week One.  I mean, I might as well since the scale is (almost) right back where it was that first weigh-in.

Shredded Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken was my friend that first week!  Low in calories and full in flavor, Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce is a great condiment to have in the fridge/pantry at all times!  I'll be enjoying guilt-free Buffalo Chicken Wraps and Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  I'll probably add some Buffalo Chicken to a bed of lettuce and other salad fixings for a restaurant style salad.  One that I can control the ingredients and keep the calories low!

We picked up a lot of produce last week.  We still have plenty leftover and I'll be using it as much as possible this week to help get in those veggie servings!

Other than week one, water has not been a strong point for me.  While I know I feel better when I drink water, I just find it so difficult to skip over the Diet Pepsi that I love so much!  This week, I'm starting off the week without any Diet Pepsi in the house.  I drank the last of it over the weekend and didn't get to the supermarket yet.

I plan on getting some exercising in this week and am on the look-out for a used (cheap) treadmill since I don't have a walking buddy to walk with me.

I'm not making any huge goals for myself this week.  Just really trying to get back to where I was that first week...mentally!  I was so determined and showed some decent will power.  I allowed treats and sweets but didn't over do it.  I need to get back there.  That's my goal for this week.

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PlumPetals said...

Good luck!! :)

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