Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Amelya's Firefighter Birthday Party

One of my favorite things to blog about is PARTIES!  For me, the planning of the party is as much fun as the party itself!  Sadly, I don't have enough time or money to host as many parties as I would like to each year.  So, when a new friend was telling me about a party she recently threw for her daughter's 4th birthday, I had to ask her right away if I could use it on my blog!

I love parties with a theme, but it's so easy to take a theme and run away with it.  Sometimes it can very difficult to keep from purchasing every single item that matches the theme of your party!

Mary, has done a wonderful job in planning her 4-year old's Firefighter Birthday Party and I'm so excited that she is allowing me to share her ideas here Under the Big Oak Tree!

Amelya is Mary's 4 year-old daughter.  

Mary says: 
"My 4 year old is not a typical girl 
as she likes Lightening McQueen, matchbox cars and of course, 
fire trucks since Daddy is a volunteer firefighter.
This theme was a no brainer and lots of fun to create!"

I love that Mary used toys from her kids' toy box 
(as well as some store bought party blowers
as table decorations! 

When the theme chosen for your party is a game or character your child already LOVES, 
chances are you'll be able to find a lot of items that can be 
used as part of your party decor!  

Amelya's party took place at a local park.  
This makes it simple to keep the kids entertained!  
The monkey bars, swings and slides are always a hit!  

Party games are still a lot of fun
and now it's so easy to find them to match the themes of our party!  
Pin the Badge on the Helmet is a fun twist on the 
traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey that I remember from my childhood.  

It looks like the birthday girl had a lot of fun playing games
and taking a whack at the fire engine pinata !  

Being a foodie, I am thrilled that Mary chose snacks that also matched 
the Firefighter theme of the party!  

Edible image decals make it so easy to match your cake 
to your theme without going over the top.
(You can even get them custom made 
using a photograph of the guest of honor!)  

These fun candles fun candles are perfect for making birthday wishes!  

I just love these dalmatian party bags!  
I'm sure the kids loved them, too!  

Amelya's party looks like it was lots of fun!  
I'm sure the highlight of the day for the kids
was seeing the firetruck pull up
and Amelya's Daddy dressed in full-gear!

Mary, a work-at-home-mom to three daughters (ages 21, 5 & 4) and wife to a volunteer firefighter, is working on starting a local pet sitting business called Mare's Care.  

She says, "it's tough being a firefighter's wife, never knowing if this will be his last call, but I support him 100%".

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Unknown said...

I wish I could be more party creative. Sigh. I'd just rather be sleeping!

Kristen W said...

I wish you would add more of the party ideas. You have so many wonderful ideas...as well as others that you "hang" with. :)

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