Monday, June 3, 2013

Menu Plan Monday 2013 ~ Week of June 3rd


Cabbage Wedges with Bacon, 
Grilled Potatoes. 
I'm trying a new recipe tonight...
at least, as of right now, that's the plan!


Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic
It's been a while since I made this dish.
Really, I had forgotten all about it,
until a friend of mine mentioned that she made it
a couple of weeks ago.
It's taken me this long to dig the whole chicken
out from the bottom of our chest freezer!


Leftover Night


Pork Loin, Rice, Broccoli 
Digging in the freezer over the weekend,
I found a variety of different pork products.
I had no idea that we had as much as there is in there.
Since I'm not a huge fan of pork,
I must have just been stuffing them into the freezer
whenever Joe picked them up on sale.


Lemon Fettuccine with Carrots
This is my favorite, new recipe right now!
So light and summery, this recipe can be
used as a main entree or even as a side dish!  

Taco Night
I've been in the mood for tacos for a while now.
With some ground turkey in the freezer
and taco shells on sale this week,
it's a no-brainer that tacos are on the menu this week.

Hot Dogs, Grilled Potatoes, Baked Beans
For the past couple of weeks,
we've been having grilled hot dogs at least once a week.
We finished our last pack a few nights ago,
but since they were on sale again,
I had Joe pick up a couple of packs
when he was at the store on Sunday

Now that you know what we're eating this week, let us know in the comments what's for dinner at your house this week! Or, if you need more menu planning inspiration? Follow me over to Menu Plan Monday hosted by I'm an Organizing Junkie! Or, if you like what you see here, you can check out my past menu plans.

You can also find this week's menu plan linked to On the Menu Monday hosted by Yvonne at Stone Gable. If you haven't checked out Yvonne's blog before, I suggest you drop everything and head on over to check out her delicious recipes, inviting tablescapes and stunning photographs!

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