Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guest Post From Emily ~ It Works!

This guest post is from a new friend and fellow member (and also moderator) of a local Business Among Moms group that I joined recently on Facebook.  Today, Emily will tell you a bit about her at-home business and the products she sells...she'll also let you know how you can order products and how you can join her team!  

My name is Emily and I am a Stay At Home Mom, part time Work From Home Mom. We have five kids, and my hubby is a retired Army Helicopter pilot, currently working as a home improvement contractor.

I get to do something fun and healthy, and make money, and I get to help others make money too! How, you say? It Works! Global shows you how! They have been around since 2001 and have been debt free for the past 4 years. I love that the opportunity is perfect for everyone; people like me who wanted to stay home with my family, and it is something that business owners, like salons, chiropractors, gyms, personal trainers, etc, can implement into what they are doing to create a residual income and revenue from add on services.

About the WRAPS:
The body applicators (wraps) tighten, tone and firm. Results are seen in 45-60 minutes. While the wrap only needs to be worn for 45-60 minutes, they can be worn for up to 8 hours and they continue to work in your system for 72 hours. They also help with stretch marks, scars, cellulite, varicose veins and the overall skin texture. Pictures speak a thousand words! We encourage people to take before and after pictures. It is amazing to see the difference after the initial wrap, as well as on days 2 and 3. How often you wrap is up to you and the results you are looking for...but you can wrap as often as every three days. Results last 1-6 months depending on the persons' habits...if you put more toxins in (IE: eat fast food and drink soda), results last less than someone who has a healthier lifestyle.

We are NOT just wraps!
We also have an amazing line of all natural supplements & skin care. Everything from a daily multi-vitamin, to a supplement to help with stress, one for menopausal symptoms, and ones for weight loss. Our #2 seller (after the body wrap) is our GREENS drink mix, which is great for everyone, to help alkalize, detox, & get your greens daily. These products are not only all natural, organic and super high quality, they are affordably priced (lower than the competition, and work better!) No scary side effects to worry about, with gentle, all natural ingredients.

There are three ways to get the wraps and our other all natural dietary supplements and skin care:
  • Join the team, 
  • purchase as a loyal customer 
  • or purchase retail.  

Team members
go to   wrapsbyemily.myitworks.com   to get started!

Customers, simply add products to the shopping bag and proceed to check out.
“Like” my face book page at Facebook.com/itworksemilyswraps for specials and promos.

Email me at Emilyswraps@yahoo.com,
or call/text me at 215-906-2552 to set up a one-on-one appointment or spa party.

I am happy to help you choose the right products, or start building your own business (part time or full time) today!

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