Monday, August 26, 2013

Grace visits Crayola Experience in Easton, PA

Recently, we had the opportunity to visit the Crayola Experience.  Something Grace was looking forward to ever since she first saw the commercial for the newly remodeled attraction on TV.

We decided that a rainy Monday was the perfect time take the trip out to Easton, PA and add some fun to a dreary day!

After watching a youtube video while we were getting ourselves ready for the outing, Grace could hardly wait to get there and her excitement was evident when we found ourselves outside of the colorful 4-story building!

Once we were inside, we let Grace take the lead for the day and take us to the activities that she wanted to see.

First stop was Wrap it Up, where you can name your own crayon!

Grace, of course chose to personalize a PINK crayon using the tokens provided when we checked in.  With a little help from her daddy, she was able to personalize and print out a label for her crayon!

From there, we went on to visit Art Alive!  I think Grace could have spent the entire day in this room!  She loved creating digital works of art on the touch-screen monitor and seeing them projected onto the wall to incorporate her creation onto a large underwater scene!

She is so proud of her PINK crab!

From there, Grace led us to the Colossal Caddy!  So many crayons in one place!

I can't be sure, but I suspect she colored her picture PINK!

Next stop, Toddler Town!

A room of activities geared toward younger kids.  I'll admit, I didn't see all of it since I was busy watching Grace play with the multi-colored pegboard.  Reminded me of one of my favorite childhood toys!

Since Grace was leading the way, we ended up skipping over a few attractions before arriving at the Water Works.  She loves to play in water, so there was no way she was skipping her chance to navigate her crayon boat through the canal.  She even tried cutting through the line to play again when her turn was over!

Our last stop before heading back down stairs to the lower level was Melt Down where Grace painted a dinosaur (I kept calling it an alligator) with melted crayons.  I didn't get many pictures of this as I was helping Grace with this activity since she was nervous of the hot wax.

Of course, we couldn't skip the Crayola Store!  I was like a kid in the candy store and could have easily purchased two of everything if Joe wasn't with us!

Instead, we let Grace fill a souvenir tin with crayons and markers.  Just like I thought she would, she tried to fill it entirely with PINK crayons and markers!  Grace also picked out a plushy and a Christmas ornament along with a couple other must-have items!

After peeking out the door, I saw that the rain held off.  So, we decided to use another exit and take the long way around back to our car.  I'm glad we did!  These giant crayon and marker sculptures are awesome!

I look forward to visiting again to try out the attractions we skipped over as it was all too much for her to take in all at once!

And if seeing Grace's smiling face while she was enjoying her day at the Crayola Experience wasn't's a picture I snapped of her outside!  The Crayola Experience was a definite hit!

Even after a few weeks since our trip to Easton, Grace is still talking about her Crayola Experience!  Fitting the topic into just about any conversation she can!

Disclosure:  My family received free tickets and a gas card from Crayola Experience in exchange for a review of our experience.  All opinions are honest and our own.

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