Monday, October 21, 2013

Wisk® Deep Clean® Original HEC

Monday mornings are so busy around here with errands and housework.  After a couple days "off" on the weekends, the housework really seems to pile up.  One thing that I've really been trying to keep up with the most is the laundry.  Especially our bed linens. 

Until recently, I didn't realize just how dirty our wash gets.  In the past, I just worried about the obvious dirt/stains in our laundry.  But after reading that the average wash load contains 20x more body oils and sweat than the visible stains.  That got me thinking about our linens.  I hate to admit this, but they don't get washed/changed as often as I'd like.  So our linens must get pretty dirty.  Add in the fact that Remmy, the family dog, sleeps in Grace's bed during the day and our bed at night...after lying around in the yard for a couple of hours a day.  Yuck! 

As you can see in the photo above,
Grace plays pretty rough in her room. 
Aside from the toys and, of course, the dog,
we also have a problem with her sneaking snacks
and juice boxes into her room! 

I received 10 one-load packets of Wisk® Deep Clean® Original HEC from a Smiley360 (you can sign up to receive future missions, too using my referral link) mission and knew right away that I was going to put them to the test with our sheets, blankets and pillow cases!  And although Joe's employer sends their work uniforms out to be cleaned, his undershirts that he wears with his work shirt must get pretty gross!  So, I used some of the packets on those too! 

As I said before, I never really considered the hidden dirt and oils that gets trapped in our laundry and knowing that there is a product out there that can tackle the stuff we can't see, makes me feel confident that I am putting nice clean clothing and linens back into our closets and dressers. 

Disclaimer:  I'm a member of, where I qualify to try brands for free in exchange for sharing my authentic feedback. 

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