Monday, February 24, 2014

Centrum® Flavor Burst® Multivitamin Chews Review

Normally, I am not one to take a daily multivitamin.  Never a fan of attempting to swallow the large horse-pill-sized vitamins that I was more familiar with, then afterwards feeling as if it was lodged in my throat for most of the day.  Anytime I would purchase a bottle of vitamins, they usually were forgotten about after a week or so.  I mean, really?  Who wants to go through that feeling every day?

Knowing that I wasn't getting enough of the vitamins my body needs through the foods I eat, I knew I needed a multivitamin.  When I was given the chance to try Centrum Flavor Bust Multivitamin Chews, I figured it was worth a shot to give them a try.

I tried the pineapple and grape flavors was very surprised at the great taste of the chews!  The pineapple chews are my favorite of the two.  They weren't chalky or grainy which has been my experience with other chewable options, instead they were sweet and fruity with a hard outer shell and a soft, chewy center like a piece of candy!

While food or water isn't necessary when taking the chews, I take mine each day after lunch, since that is the time of day I mostly crave sweets.  This way, I am curbing those sweet cravings while getting my multivitamin in each day!

I was also surprised at just how easy they were to take!  No more horse pills for me!  From now on, Centrum® Flavor Burst® Multivitamin Chews are my multivitamin of choice!

Do you want to give them a try?  Click here to register to receive a $2.00 coupon!

Disclosure:  While I received a free sample of the product described above via Smiley360, all opinions and thoughts are honest and my own.

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