Friday, May 30, 2014

ZonePerfect 2014 Blog Forward Challenge Part 2 and Giveaway!

Looking back at the goals I've set for myself on the first part of this challenge, I see that I am still definitely a work in progress.  I need to remind myself that the habits that I wish to change took years to establish and won't be as simple to correct as I would like.

To start, I'd like to share some of the ways I've been moving in the right direction towards the goals I've set for myself:

  • Eating Healthy.  Recently, I started a weight loss plan to help keep me on track.  Additionally, I've increased the vegetables in my daily diet, switched to leaner cuts of meat, and even swapped out my usual pasta for a whole grain variety.  I've increased my water intake and cut out a lot of diet sodas each day.  The diet soda isn't something that I've eliminated completely, but I've definitely cut way back!  I've also switched from drinking sweet tea (with lots of sugar!) to unsweetened decaf iced tea. Keeping ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars in my purse help keep me on track when hunger strikes away from home.  Just a few changes here and there have me feeling great!  Keep reading to find out some great swaps you can make to help you eat healthier.  

  • Saving Money.  Again, this year, saving money has proven to be more difficult than I had hoped.  Increasing the amount we save per week to $15 has helped, but I have not been able to keep up with the 52 Week Savings Plan as we've had a few weeks here and there where we had some unexpected expenses as well as a few splurges that are out of character for us.  While the unexpected expenses weren't pleasant, it was good to have some extra cash stashed away from the start of the year to fall back on.  The few splurges we treated ourselves to were very much needed to boost our spirits a bit. Having a couple meals out or a few new outfits made us realize how very little we've treated ourselves in the pat few years.  So, that is something we need to be sure to do a little more often in the months to come.  

  • Taking Care of Me.  This is another goal that I find difficult to accomplish.  Constantly caring for the rest of the family, I often forget to set time to care for myself each day.  A haircut, trip to the eye doctor, weight loss membership are a few of the ways I've cared for ME so far this year.  Now, If only I would actually follow through and order my new glasses.  I'm also trying to find a therapist in my area (that we can afford) to help me deal with a few issues.  
Now to share points that have could use the most improvement or just have plain been ignored:  

  • Becoming Active.  Sports and exercise have never been an interest of mine.  I remember when I was a child, maybe first or second grade, telling the gym teacher that I shouldn't have to participate in gym class that day since it was my birthday.  I'm still full of excuses on why I'd prefer to sit on my butt all day than exercise.  I am supposed to start walking with a neighbor a couple times a week on the nights that Joe is home in time to care for Grace.  I enjoy walking, I just don't like doing it alone.  

  • Being a better wife and mother.  I still often find myself feeling like I'm not doing enough for my family or at least having a good attitude around here.  I know that a lot of this stems from both my physical and mental health issues.  I need to continue to work harder in my efforts to care for myself in order to have a better attitude about my life and family.  This is something that is very difficult to admit to so honestly in such a public way.  
ZonePerfect has provided me with some info-graphics to help me make better food choices as I continue with this Blog Forward Challenge.  I'd like you to stay on track with the improvements you are working on when it comes to your family's nutrition.  

Fabulous tips, right?  Some of these swaps have been easier for me, while some of my favorite things I'm less willing to give up or change.  But I know that making even just a few simple swaps is helping me move forward.  Helping me get closer to my nutritional goals.

In addition to providing the information above, ZonePerfect extends the following invitation:
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Finally, thanks to ZonePerfect, one lucky reader will be selected to win a portable charger to help keep you and your devices charged as we continue our way to reaching our goals for the year!  Just enter using the rafflecopter form below! 

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MaryB said...

Thank you for the great swap/substitutions ideas and charts. My tip is to just try to be more active and incorporate movement and walking into every part of my day. I am using a wrist pedometer for additional motivation.

Kay Lynn said...

My favorite swap is salsa for butter on baked potatoes.

skkorman said...

Try to walk at least 10,000 steps each day!

skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

Khaleef @ Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet said...

My favorite is to swap Greek yogurt for sour cream or mayo!

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