Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday ~ Saving Money On Gas

I'm excited to post my first Works For Me Wednesday post! I've been reading WFMW for a while, but new to blogging myself. I'm happy to share my tip on saving money on gas! To read more helpful tips go to We are THAT Family.

My husband and I usually shop at GIANT Food Stores. Shopping there works for us because it's the closest grocery store to our home and also because they offer discounts on gas when points are accumulated.

Points are earned according to the dollar amount spent and will add up during each sale during the promotion. Another way to earn points is to buy certain items each week (all on the same receipt). The sales flyer usually has 3 different lists of items. If you buy 5 items from one list, 20 cents off per gallon of gas is earned. Or 6 items from another list.

Last week, we earned an extra 60 cents off per gallon of gas. We hadn't used the points earned from our previous trip, so on our last fill up we saved $1.20 per gallon of gas!!!

On Saturday, we took a day-trip to visit friends. They live 2 hours away. Hubby went to fill up the truck before we left.

17.773 gallons would have cost us $48.33 without our gas points. After our $1.20 savings (per gallon) was deducted, our total for gas was $27.00.

We saved $21.33 to fill the truck!

We could have saved more, if we let the tank get lower before our fill up, but we needed to make sure we had enough to make our trip. I was thrilled with the savings and really happy that hubby saved the receipt so I could blog about it!

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