Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting Paid for online Surveys

Since I've been a homemaker for the last two years, the ways we spent/saved money has needed to change. The loss of my paycheck has been a challenge but we've been working at keeping unneccessary spending to a minimum. We really try to only spend on the basics.

I've been trying to earn a little money here and there by selling on ebay, craigslist, and yard sales. I've also taken orders for hand made wedding invitations, graduation invitations and greeting cards.

Another way that I've tried to earn some cash is by participating in online surveys. They don't pay a lot, but every little bit helps. I just recently received a check in the mail for $4. Four dollars for sitting at my computer and answering a few questions! Ten - fifteen minutes...that's it!

Survey Savvy is the survey company that sent me the $4 check. They not only pay for the surveys you qualify for, but also for the surveys that your friends take (after you refer them)! If you want to join and start earning money (without leaving your computer chair!) then click this link and sign up now! You won't be sorry!!!

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