Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog Love: Back to School Edition

I know that school has been in session for a few weeks for a lot of you.  Even a few of the schools in our area have started before Labor Day.  My nephews started school the last week of August and my nieces just started earlier this week.  Funny since they live less than 15 miles of each other!  But to me, it isn't officially back to school season until AFTER Labor Day!  That's how it was for all those years I went to school and it just doesn't seem right any other way!   What can I say, I'm old and set in my ways! 

To celebrate back to school, I thought I'd show some Blog Love to some of the back to school themed posts I've been seeing around blog-land!

Liz from Hoosier Homemade always serves up the cutest theme-appropriate cupcakes to her family and friends!  Liz's cupcakes are truly a work of art!  She sure didn't let us down with her Back To School Apple Cupcakes!  Check out Liz's Cupcake Tuesday blog carnival.  Each week, she posts one of her fabulous creations and invites everyone to link up with their favorite cupcake recipes! 

Do you need a creative After School Snack idea for your kids?  Debbi Does Dinner Healthy & Low Calorie shares a great post on how to Make Ice Cream in a Baggie!  What a fabulous way to get your kids involved in making their own ice cream!  It's an after school snack and after school project all in one! 

Valerie from Family Frugal Fun Blog always has great ideas for keeping the kids busy!  I seriously want to play at her house!  But, I'll settle on reading her blog and getting kid-craft ideas for when Grace is old enough for arts and crafts.  Yesterday, Valerie shared her crafty ideas on DIY School Supplies on The 10! Show in Philadelphia! 

Lisa shared her Lunch Box Experiment series on her blog, Extraordinary Life.  Part one of the series focuses on the Ziploc 3 compartment container and how she uses it to pack her kids' lunches.  In part two, she shares some tasty ideas for kid-friendly lunches.  In part three, Lisa and her kids put The Easy Lunch Boxes system to the test in a product review and she has  video clips to prove it!  Even after all that other lunch box talk, Lisa went on to review a lunch kit from Planet Lunch Box, a lunch box that her son LOVES!

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HoosierHomemade said...

Awhh! Thanks so much for the kind words about my cupcakes!
Your list looks great! Thanks for sharing on Blog Party!

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