Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome, Autumn!

Welcome, Autumn!

Grace at our front door. 

We are so happy that fall is finally here!  While we enjoy the warm, sunny summer days,  sometimes it just gets too hot to be outside.  Joe works outside in the heat, so on his days off, he hates being outdoors.  And me, I've never handled the heat very well.  So, for us, there's nothing like the crisp, cool days of autumn! 

First time apple picking!  We're definitely going again next fall! 

We try to take advantage of Joe's few weekends off and get out and do as much as we can!  We crammed a lot of fun into the first weekend of October!   

We visited a local dairy that is hosting Harvest Days on the If you're a local reader (Eastern Pennsylvania), you may want to check out Merrymead Farm and Country Market.  They make/sell delicious ice cream and often host family events throughout the year. 

This scarecrow looks a little worried! 

It only looks like this goat is standing on the other goat's head! 

Grace smiling with a mouth full of popcorn!  She LOVES pa'corn! 

For a kid that kept jumping into all the other mommies' pictures,
I couldn't get her to look at me!!! 

In addition to the dairy farm above, we were still anxious to go to a pumpkin patch with Grace and her cousin, Bella.  Our favorite place wasn't hosting their harvest weekend yet, so we tried a different place.  Never again.  It wasn't a very good experience.  While waiting for the next hayride to the patch, we took the girls over to see the farm animals.  When I wasn't looking, Grace stuck her finger in the rabbits' cage and one of them bit her!  We were busy being cautious when she was near the goats and pigs.  It never even dawned on us that the bunnies would bite! 

When we finally got her calmed down, we decided to leave that farm (the employees weren't very helpful, nor were they concerned that Grace and another child were bit) and take the girls to Sesame Place instead!  You can't go wrong with Sesame Place!  (Those pics will be shared in a new post later this week!) 

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Indrani said...

I didn't know rabbits too bite. Hope she is fine.
Great series of shots.

Shelly said...

Aw, poor baby! I'm sure she wasn't expecting to get bitten. Hopefully she will still like bunnies.

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