Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I'm Back...with a Menu Plan!

Hello, friends!

Have you missed me?  I know it's been a long time since I've last posted.  Probably about two years. In that time, Gracie has gone through Kindergarten and First Grade and we are currently starting our second week of Second Grade.  OH MY!  Did I just say that?  SECOND GRADE???  Wow!

Another new development since I've last been here, is I started working.  I found myself the most perfect (for me) part-time job, with a great boss and fabulous hours!  I'm sure I will share more about that in another post.  Yes, I plan on posting regularly again.  Mainly, because this blog helped keep me on my toes and I've realized that my life became a mess without the blog.

So, I'm back....and what better way to kick off being back than with a Menu Plan!


Dinner with Friends

We celebrated Labor Day with friends.
I picked up some yummy desserts
on the way to their house
for a BBQ.


Grilled Chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetable

Grilled chicken is one of our favorite go-to foods.
Joe usually grills a big, family pack of chicken breasts
in the beginning of the week.
Leftovers serve up easily on days when meals
don't always go as planned.  


Chili over rice

It's been a while since we've had chili.
I don't even remember if I made it at all last winter.
I've decided this week, I'll try a new recipe
found via Pinterest.


Fend For Yourself Night

I'm going to the gym tonight.  
No, I'm not bragging.  
Just putting it here in writing to keep me accountable.  
I'll most likely grab some of the leftover grilled chicken.
On nights like this, Joe will usually make an omelet 
or a bowl of oatmeal.  


Porcupine Meatballs 

This is a recipe we enjoy,
but not one I use very often.
Maybe because it's not really a
quick-cooking meal.
The flavors of this dish,
make the one hour simmering time
so very worth it!


Leftover Night

Chili dogs are on the menu for tonight.
Quick and easy, perfect for fitting into whatever
plans we have for a busy weekend!


Easy Beef Barley Soup

As you know, I love soup!
This is one of my favorite recipes!
So simple and delicious!  

Well, that's all for this post!  I'll be back soon with more posts, new recipes, and lots of Wordless Wednesday photos!  

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