Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Avoiding Morning Sickness Due to Cooking Smells

While I've been reading Kitchen Tips Tuesdays for some time now, this is the first time I am participating in Tammy's blog carnival. For more great kitchen related tips and solutions, be sure to check out Tammy's Recipes.

I have some serious issues with smells and fragrances. I'm very particular about perfumes and scented candles and even smells of food. This is the case on any normal day.

When I was pregnant, my issues with smells were magnified 100 times! Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but one little smell of something cooking and I was off and running to the bathroom to...well, you know....hurl. Ugh! It was awful!

Cooking smells seemed to be the worst offender during my pregnancy. As a result, we were eating a lot of take out and fast food. That got old pretty quick. So did cold cereal.

After a few weeks of not being able to cook anything myself, my husband started to use the grill to make some quick meals. Grilled chicken or steak. He was using the grill just outside the garage door, so that he could keep warm in the garage while the food was cooking.

That gave me the idea to use my crock pot in the garage. We have an attached garage, so it's not too difficult to fill the crock pot in the kitchen and set it up on a table in the garage, keeping the cooking smells out of the house itself!

Plus, using the crock pot in the garage frees up the little bit of counter space I have in the kitchen.

On my other blog, I've posted a recipe for Crock Pot Ravioli. This was a favorite of mine while I was pregnant, because it was so simple and a definite fix and forget type meal.

I'm also sharing this tip on Crock Pot Wednesday, since it's crock pot related.

And I am also sharing with Works for me Wednesday. It worked for me!


Jen said...

That is a great idea! My sister is having a lot of trouble with this very thing. I'm going to pass this onto her. Thank you for sharing. Have a great week.

Alison said...

Jen, I hope this works for your sister!
Thanks for reading my blogs! I saw you commented on my other one too! Thanks! You can subscribe to follow it by email on the sidebar.

I hope to share more useful tips here and recipes on the other blog.

Thanks again....you have a great week, also.

Queen Mommy said...

I remember those days when I was pregnant too! Wish our garage had been attached to the house back then... Seriously, even the smell of toast and rice cooking made me throw up! My poor husband couldn't make anything but Minute Rice for MONTHS! LOL

Alison said...

Queen Mommy, It was really bad when my poor doggy wasn't eating due to allergies. My hubby was making her chicken livers to mix with her food to try to get her to eat....he'd cook them in the garage and the second he walked into the house with them, I'd be sick. It was awful. I lost so much weight the first half of my pregnancy, that I actually scared my mom when she saw me. So, when we discovered this idea, it was a definite blessing!

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