Saturday, June 12, 2010

Frugal Family Activity ~ movie night ~ Free redbox rental

My mom and I used to take my nieces to the movies for a girls' day.  Not too often, maybe once during the summer or over Thanksgiving vacation.  We would go to lunch, hit the Dollar Tree for snacks, then sit down at the theater to see a nice, family friendly movie. 

Once, we each picked out two boxes of movie candy and we passed around the boxed and sampled what all the others picked out!  My favorite movie candy is  Raisinets

When money got tight for all of us, we still wanted to have a girls' day with the kids.  Since they are usually pretty easy to please, we switched girls' day to a movie rental at my house.  We would still get the movie candy from the Dollar Tree and pop some microwave popcorn.  We'd close the curtains to make it darker and more like the movie theater.  I would also get out a big sleeping bag or blanket and open it up on the floor so we could all stretch out and relax and enjoy the movie!  

Here's a picture of one of my nieces and Remmy on our first at home movie day!

None of the girls seemed to mind that we didn't go to the theater to see a current movie and were happy to see a newly released movie on DVD.  That's where redbox comes in handy!  Perfect for a last minute or rainy day activity for the kids this summer!

Right now, redbox is having a free movie rental promotion.  All you have to do is LIKE redbox on Facebook and you will get a code for a free movie rental for June 21st.   

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