Friday, June 11, 2010

Morton Hot Salt ~ Don't leave home without it!

This week, I've been working hard on my pantry project. I posted a sneak peek here.  It's taking a while, since my pantry is in the basement and with Grace toddling around these days, I can't really leave her alone upstairs while I work downstairs. So, I've been running up and down trying to get a bit done here and there. I'm about half finished.

Grace woke up super early this morning, so I am hoping to get her down for an early nap so I can get more accomplished with the pantry. I'd like to get it done this weekend so I can take some pictures and blog about it!

For now, I want to talk about food! Spicy food!

I really enjoy spicy food. Not over-the-top spicy foods. You know, the kinds that make you sweat! Or the kind that makes you want to drink an entire gallon of milk to kill the heat. To me, that's not enjoyable! Save that gallon of milk for a really rich, double chocolate cake! Mmmm!

I just like a little bit of "heat" to my foods, you know, normal heat!  But my "normal" is sometimes a little too spicy for some of my friends.  Then you have my nephews, they put hot sauce on everything!  I think they go through a large bottle a week! 

For a while, Joe was coming home with different hot sauces every time he went shopping.  Different brands that we just HAD to try! 

A few summers ago, Joe bought a bottle of Morton Hot Salt.  I laughed at him, told him he was taking his obsession with HOT a bit far!  He told me to try it on corn on the cob!  MMmmm!  I was hooked!  Since then, I always add this to my corn on the cob!  Love it!  I want some now, but our grocery store was sold out of corn yesterday.  Boooo! 

I keep joking that we need to keep a spare bottle of this in the truck for when we go to family cook outs!

I really like this on popcorn instead of plain salt and it's really good on Cornbread Casserole, baked potatoes and french fries!

I just noticed today, that they have some recipes on the Morton Salt website using Morton Hot Salt. I'll have to get a better look later and see what I'll add to next week's menu plan!

I'll be linking this post to Food on Fridays.

1 comment:

Ann Kroeker said...

How hot is "hot salt"?

Because my taste buds can't handle too much heat.

But you've got me intrigued....

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