Monday, June 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday ~ week of June 21st

After weeks of failed menu plans, last week's plan went really well.  A few minor changes and adjustments were made in order to use up some fresh produce. 

I'm carrying over one meal from last week's plan that I didn't get around to making.  Cranberry Pork.  I will be making it this week.  As soon as I hit publish on the post, I'll be taking it out of the freezer and putting into the fridge to thaw! 

I found it was easier to not assign days to the meals.  So, I'll just be listing meals that we'll be eating this week. 

In no particular order: 
  • leftover applesauce chicken (will post recipe this week, tomorrow maybe)
  • chicken salad sandwiches
  • cranberry pork tenderloin
  • chicken and rice soup
  • enchiladas
I have some back up ideas if those 5 meals don't stretch for the entire week.  Those ideas involve using up older items from our pantry. 

I'll be linking this post to Menu Plan Monday hosted by I'm an Organized Junkie

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