Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coupon: Save $10 When In Rome Blu-ray

I really like Kristen Bell.  I first saw her in a TV movie called Gracie's Choice and I really miss watching Veronica Mars.  I really loved that show.  But it seems that any shows that I like are always soon to be canceled....I must be a jinx (TV shows may be safe for a while since the baby hogs the TV with all her shows)!  I could do an entire blog post dedicated to short-lived TV shows that I loved!  I won't.  Well, at least I won't right now! 

Right now, I want to discuss the coupon that is available for When In Rome.  I've been seeing the preview for this ON Demand and can't wait to get the chance to watch it.  The $10 coupon,  is for the purchace of the When in Rome on Blu-ray.  We don't have a  Blue-ray player yet, so I won't be using this coupon, but I still wanted to share the deal with you all.  (If anyone sees a coupon out there for the DVD copy, please let me know.)

Edited to add:  If you want to take advantage of the $10 coupon, hurry!  It expires on 6/20/2010.

I'm participating in Frugal Friday this week!  Head over to Life As Mom for other money saving tips!

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