Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet Me On Monday

While trying to come up with a little blurb for my About Me section of my sidebar, I discovered that I have a difficult time talking about MYSELF!  Sure, I blog about daily stuff that goes on around here, but that's not the same as talking about ME. 

Over at Never Growing Old, Java hosts Meet Me On Monday.  It's a great blog hop where she invites us to share a little bit about ourselves each week by answering a few questions.  It sounds like fun, so I thought I'd join in this week!  You can join in too, just click the Meet Me On Monday logo to take you to this week's questions. 

Here's what Java asks us this week: 

1.  What is your favorite kind of pie? 
  • Pie is usually the last thing I would choose for dessert.  I usually prefer cakes or cookies.  A few years ago, I tried Pecan Pie and it was love at first bite!  MMmmm! 
2.  Have you ever run out of gas in the car you were driving?
  • Right now, I'm not driving (long story), but when I was driving, running out of gas was something that terrified me.  I never let the truck get below a 1/4 tank and I got gas on my way to work 2 times a week, just to make sure it was always close to being full. 
3.  How many languages do you speak? 
  • Just one.  Having friends with parents that spoke other languages, I've picked up a word or two here and there, but not enough to even speak a full sentence.  Unless you consider Old Man No Pants a sentence (in polish)! 
4.  Do you take daily vitamins? 
  • No, but I should.  I really, really should. 
5.  What is your worst eating habit? 
  • Worst eating habit?  Hmmm.  I have a few!  I am a junk food junkie that eats too much, too fast!   (I really need to start counting my points on Weight Watchers again!). 
So, there you have it!  All you ever wanted to know about ME!  LOL! 

Have a great Monday! 


Kim Wombles said...

Hi, it's my first time doing this hop, too! :-)

Blogs said...

i should take vitamins too...they're smelly!:)

Unknown said...

Only my second time--hope you'll stop by. Enjoyed your answers. Your daughter is a real cutie! said...

love your answers... and what a polish phrase to know... must come in handy

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