Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Spare Bedroom: Man Cave or Mama's Retreat?

Joe and I have been trying to decide what to do with our spare bedroom.  It started as our guest room for when my nieces slept over or my cousin would come for a visit.  When the sleepovers stopped we used the room as an office.  That didn't work out so well and now the room is just full of junk!  Anything I want to keep out of Grace's reach usually gets shoved into that room.  As Niecy Nash would say, that room is a "hot mess"! 

Now we both have different ideas for the use of that room.  Very different. 

Joe, as the only man in the house, feels he needs a room of his own so he can escape from all things girly.  Shall we say "Man Cave"?  He wants to fill it with manly furniture, a flat screen tv and video games!  I can totally see him sitting back and relaxing this Eames Lounge Chair

For me, I'd love to see the room turned into a quiet and cozy Mama's Retreat.  A room where I can go to hide curl up on this Skyline Furniture - Settee and read a book or watch a movie and forget about the toys scattered across the living room and dining room floors! 

After both of us tried to convince the other that we deserved or needed that room the most, we both agreed that the room will go to Grace.  The guest room-turned-office-turned-junk room will be Grace's new playroom.  It'll be a while, but once we get that room emptied, the walls insulated (that room is COLD!) and paint it a pretty color, we will move Grace's toys out of our living room (and anywhere else she decides to leave them) and into her new playroom! 

I believe this will be the perfect solution for all of us!


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I think that IS the best solution. Then hopefully you won't have to stumble over her stuff in your room or the living room. It'll be great for sleepovers and stuff too. All that will come soon enough, trust me. :-)

Nichole said...

We have a guest room like that ... I always have to quick find a space for all the junk I am hiding from my toddler, like confiscated toys, when my sister visits.

I think you came up with a great compromise though!

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