Sunday, May 29, 2011

Knowing Me, Knowing You ~ May, 2011

I was just over reading a few recent posts over at The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom and saw that she participated in a fun getting-to-know-you type blog hop over at Tales From the Fairy Blogmother.  I love these types of hops.  It's fun to post about something a little different than my normal topics and these types of hops make it super-easy since the host thinks of the questions (topics)!  Perfect for those writer's block sort of days! 

I almost didn't make it in time for this month's Knowing Me, Knowing You

Here are the questions for May: 

1.  What was your wedding song? 

  • We didn't have a traditional ceremony or reception.  We were married on the beach with just about 30 guests (10 of them being children), so we decided to skip the whole first dance tradition.  Instead, I walked down the aisle to "She" by Elvis Costello and once the ceremony was over, the song playing was "At Last" by Etta James.  We chose "At Last" as a way to poke fun at ourselves since we were together for a ridiculously long period of time before getting married! 
2.  If you could guest star on any TV show which would you pick? 

  • Hmmm.  That's a tough one.  I am really shy.  I do not like to draw attention to myself.  At all.  See above where I mention our tiny wedding with only 30 guests?  That was mainly because I didn't want to get married in front of 100+ people even though most of those people are family and friends.  So, all of that said, I'd probably pick Grey's Anatomy as long as I could just lie there and not say a in surgery or something.  Just so I could be close enough to McDreamy (but not have to say anything)! 
3.  What is your favorite children's book? 
  • When I was a kid, my favorite book was Charlotte's Web.  I remember sitting in a circle in class while the teacher read it to us.  Now, my favorite children's book is Goodnight, Gorilla.  Joe's niece bought it for Grace when she was a month old.  It was one of the first books that we introduced to her and although she refuses to allow us to read to her, she loves looking at the pictures (she studies each page) and giggles at that book every time! 
4.  Did you watch the Royal Wedding? 
  • No, I didn't!  I wanted to watch it.  I really wanted to.  But I was so busy in the days that led up to the wedding, that I just didn't have the energy to get up earlier to watch it.  We don't have TIVO or DVR yet, so recording it wasn't an option.  Maybe Prince Harry will get married soon and I'll make sure to watch it then!  I wonder how Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie will top those crazy hats! 
5.  What's your favorite thing to have off the barbecue? 

  • A salmon filet rubbed with some barbecue seasoning and then grilled....Mmmmm!  I can't wait to make a Costco run to pick up a big pack of salmon filets.  We usually get 4 or more meals from one pack of salmon! 

So, there you have it!  A little bit about myself!  I'd love to learn more about you!  Join me over at Tales From the Fairy Blogmother for Knowing Me, Knowing You.  Or, if you prefer, leave your answers here in the comments!  Hopefully, I'll get my answers for June posted sooner! 

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Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

We're a lot alike! I hated the idea of a big ceremony, we went to Vegas and just had his parents there. It was awesome; cheap & tacky and I wouldn't change a thing. I don't like to call attention to myself either. At all.

Charlottes Web was totally my favorite growing up. I used to brag to everyone that I had the entire first chapter memorized. I think I still know most of it...

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