Sunday, August 10, 2014

What Makes Me Smile #6

I tend to be a Negative Nelly about my life.  I'm great about putting a positive spin on things when friends vent to me about their bad days, but when it comes to my life, I only see the bad things.  In an attempt to change this aspect of my personality, I want to journal some things that make me smile each week.  Hoping that when I look back, I'll see just how many things I have to be grateful for and smile about in my life.

This past week has been a rough one.  Lots of stress, lots of drama, lots of emotion.  Even still, as I sat down to type this post, I found I had a lot to smile about:

  • Back to School Shopping.  When I was a kid, I LOVED back to school shopping.  I loved all the new notebooks, folders, crayons, etc.  It's fun seeing Grace have the same excitement over school supplies that I had as a student.  Of course, this year her school list is minimal since she's just starting Kindergarten, but it was still fun picking out a few things with her!  

  • Baby Clothes.  Gosh!  How I miss shopping for baby clothes!  They were so much more fun to buy than the size that Grace is in now.  Grace is five, but takes a bigger girls size, so shopping sometimes becomes a challenge finding age-appropriate things in her size.  Baby shopping is just so sweet!  With my niece's first birthday coming up, I've really enjoyed picking out a few cute items!  

  • Calling Doctor Grace.  After getting a shower, I looked around for Grace only to find her in her room tending to her patient.  Poor Remmy is such a good sport!  I really wish I had my camera handy, so you all could see Remmy with her little doggy leg extended so Dr. Grace could take her blood pressure!  I also had to laugh at myself when I felt the need to remind Grace to NEVER stick anything in Remmy's eyes, nose, ears, mouth or butt!  She got a giggle out of mommy saying "butt".  

  • Date Night.  Since Grace was born, Joe and I rarely have time to ourselves.  I can count on both hands the number of times we've gone somewhere without Grace (this includes a funeral and getting our taxes done twice) and it's been over a year since we've gone to a movie or had dinner together. We've been wanting to give Movie Tavern a try and since Hercules just came out, I figured it was a perfect time to finally go.  We really enjoyed ourselves and each ordered a drink with our meal.  Definitely somewhere we'd like to go again.  

I'd love to know what makes you smile!  Share with us by leaving a comment!

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Sweet European Dreams said...

Congrats on getting out for a date night! We've been through seasons of kid-life where it was tough to find a sitter that we could trust, but now that we have a "good one" again, we definitely get our date nights in! Keep it going- it's so worth it! -Diane

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