Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of April 11th

Last week was a good week.  I had to make a couple of changes to last week's plan due to being an un-organized mess!  I kept forgetting to take the chicken out of the freezer, so we skipped the Spanish Chicken that was planned for last week.  I ended up making some spaghetti with meat sauce, using the last of the meat sauce from the freezer.  Then, I couldn't find my bag of dried black beans in the pantry (Joe rearranged the stuff in the pantry.  Grrr!).  I was all out of canned black beans, too.  So, again, we skipped the Spicy Black Bean Soup on Friday.  That was okay, since we really had plans to go to my niece's talent show that night, so we really just had to grab something quick and go! 

I've been in the mood to do some freezer cooking, but I really just want to wait until the freezer is completely empty so it can be defrosted and cleaned.  Each week, I've been trying to use something from the freezer.  We're almost out of frozen meat and I can tell we've used up most of our pre-cooked frozen meals since I cannot shut my tupperware cabinet!  The cabinet was looking pretty bare for a while there, since a lot of the containers were used to freeze soups, stews, sauces, etc.  Now, those containers are empty and clean and shoved into the cabinet.  I think it's time to go through and check for cracks, missing lids or things we just don't use and start tossing/donating.  Sounds like a project I can work on while Grace naps today! 

Dinners are going to be easy this week.  I'm trying to keep the kitchen mess to a minimum (I'm a messy cook).  I usually clean up the kitchen after Grace goes to bed for the night, but this week, I want to focus on some projects around the house after Grace is asleep. 

  • Tuesday:  (leftovers) Pulled Pork Sandwiches, pierogies, corn.   Over the weekend, I heated up a tub of pulled pork that our friends sent over for our freezer.  They made a huge batch of pulled pork after the guys all went boar hunting last month.  Tonight, we're finishing up the last of the 2 quarts they sent over.  Between their freezer and ours, we have plenty of pork, so pulled pork will be seen in many of my menu plans this summer! 

  • Wednesday:  Chicken, buttered noodles, vegetables.  I have a 4 lb. pack of bone-in chicken breasts thawing in the fridge.  (What I forgot to thaw last week.)  I haven't decided how to prepare it yet.  I figure I'll either bake it or throw it in the slowcooker.  Or maybe I'll make the Spanish Chicken we should have had last week. 

  • Thursday:  Pepper Steak, rice, egg rolls.  I found a box of frozen egg rolls in the back of my freezer.  I forgot they were in there!  Seems like the perfect excuse to make homemade pepper steak! 

  • Friday:  Undecided.  Something meatless for Lent. 

  • Saturday:  Leftover Buffet. 

  • Sunday:  Hamburgers, Fries, salad. 
Well, there's my plan for the week!  I'll be linking up to Menu Plan Monday over at I'm an Organizing Junkie!



Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I didn't get to one of my meals last week either. Glad you liked the enchiladas! I have an awesome tortilla soup in the crock now and the smell is driving me crazy! :-)

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