Saturday, February 18, 2012

Join Ebates Today: start earing your BIG FAT CHECK!

I know that I've shared my love for Ebates with y'all before, but since I just received a BIG FAT CHECK from them today! 
This check was cash back for online purchases that I made over the holidays.  Gotta love getting a little something back after the holidays, huh?! 

Last spring, I shared with you how I helped my mom save $40.20 by looking for the lowest price, then logging into Ebates before placing her order! 

Over the holidays, I was at the mall with a friend.  I only left the house with a small amount of cash and didn't bring my debit card either.  In the Disney Store, I saw a few things ON SALE that I knew we wanted to get Grace for Christmas.  My friend knew I didn't have enough cash with me and offered to buy the wanted items and I could pay her back later.  That was tempting, but instead, I bought one item while we were at the mall and decided that I would check online when I returned home. 

I was so glad I waited.  The online sale was better than the in-store sale!  I logged-in on Ebates to check out the percentage and at the time it was double's normal percentage!  To top it off, was offering free shipping that weekend!  I was so pleased with myself! 

Next week, we're driving into the city to get our taxes done.  Thankfully, we're expecting a return!  As with past years, we'll be making some purchases for items for the house.  I plan on using Ebates as much as I can! 

For instance, I saw lamps at Lowe's that I want for my living room.  Sure, I could just walk into Lowe's and purchase the lamps.  But here's what I plan on doing:  I'll visit, log-in, then click on Lowe's in list of participating retailers.  Then, I will place my order for the lamps, using the FREE in-store pick up option.  Not only will I save on shipping, but I'll receive a percentage of my purchase from Ebates!  (the current percentage for Lowe's is 2.5 %...not a lot, but more than I would have saved if I just walked in and made my purchase)

These days, every little bit of savings helps!  And that is why I want to invite you to join Ebates today and start earning your BIG FAT CHECK! 

If you sign up using my referral link, I'll earn a bonus only after you make your first qualified purchase. 

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