Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Grace is pretty anxious for Autumn.  It's her favorite time of the year.  Last week, she saw a leaf fall from the tree and exclaimed:  "It's Fall!!!"  I tried to explain to her that we still had some time before the fall and that the leaf she saw was probably from the windy, stormy day we were having that day.  

Adding to her excitement is the fact that the farm that is directly behind us is growing pumpkins this year!  Usually, the farmer plants corn or soy beans.  This is the first year for pumpkins, at least in the field that we can see from our yard!  

Every day, we've been walking to the end of our property to check the progress of the pumpkin field.

1 comment:

Janet W. said...

That's so exciting to be able to see the progress! Very neat!

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