Monday, November 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of November 14th

It was really a quiet weekend around here.  After the last few busy weekends, it was nice to hang out around the house this weekend.  Well, Grace and I do that most days anyway.  The only difference is that Joe had some time off this weekend.  Aside from running a few errands on Saturday, Joe and Grace were inseparable. 

While they snuggled on the sofa, I made a large pot of chicken broth on top of the stove.  I also made a delicious Chicken Pot Pie.  My first time making a homemade pot pie!  It was really tasty! 

On Sunday, we made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some items that were on sale.  Even though we really didn't need anything, I just couldn't pass up 5 lbs. of potatoes for 99 cents! 

Other than that, not much else was accomplished this weekend.  But that's okay, sometimes it's nice to catch up on some family time at home!  Plus, the down-time really gave me some time to think about the menu plan for this week. 

Here's what we'll be eating for dinners this week: 

  • Spanish Chicken, white rice, broccoli.  We didn't get to this dish last week, because I kept forgetting to take the chicken out of the freezer.  This is an easy meal that makes a lot.  We always have leftovers when I make this, sometimes for several nights!  We don't mind since it's so tasty! 
  • Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup.  Over the weekend, I made chicken stock from a couple chicken frames that were taking up space in my freezer.  After picking the meat from the bones, I had enough chicken to make a pot pie and enough for a pot of soup. 

  • Hot Dogs, Molasses Baked Beans and Pierogi.  This is a meal coming straight from the freezer.  Hot dogs were on sale a while back and we picked up a couple packs for a quick meal.  I'll serve them with some baked beans that were made and frozen over the summer and a box of frozen pierogi cooked in a pan with some onions! 
  • Breakfast for Dinner.  We had this for dinner last week and it really hit the spot!  I still have a lot of eggs to use up, so I'll make an omelet with some fried potatoes and maple links.  We haven't been able to get Grace to try eggs yet, so I'll make her some pancakes and fruit. 
  • Leftover Buffet!  Between the Spanish Chicken and the Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup, there should be plenty of leftovers to choose from! 

  • 16-Bean Soup.  I discovered a mixed bag of beans in my pantry, last week.  I bought it last spring and forgot all about it.  I'm figuring if I make this over the weekend, we'll be able to enjoy the leftovers next week.  I'll need a couple "no-cooking" nights  next week as I get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. 

If you are looking for more recipes and menu planning inspiration, follow me over to I'm an Organizing Junkie and check out Menu Plan Monday


Carrie said...

We have breakfast for dinner at least twice a month. It's always a hit!

Janie said...

Brinner is the best! We're having it on Sunday night and I can't wait :)

The molasses baked beans sound amazing.

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