Saturday, December 3, 2011

How the Grinch Stole {my} Christmas {tree}

Ever since my Mom dropped off two boxes of vintage Christmas ornaments last year, I've been trying to find a way to use them in a way that show off their vintage charm without being lost in the darker, homespun/primitive decorations that I've collected over the years. 

After seeing this photo on Pinterest, I KNEW just how I wanted to display those beautiful ornaments from my childhood.  I just thought I would have to wait a couple of years before we could afford a new tree. 

I just happened to find a great sale on a 4ft. pre-lit tree (just over $17 including sales tax) and couldn't pass up the deal!  After Grace went to bed, I dug out the two boxes of vintage treasures and set out to decorate my new little tree! 

I finally went to bed at 3:30am.  Tired but extremely pleased with myself and my adorable new tree (shown below). 

Grace woke at 4:30 and Joe took her to the kitchen to get some milk.  Apparently, the little monster she started grabbing at the tree.  (Of course, I knew she would...I just thought I would be the one to deal with her at a more reasonable hour.)  Joe got Grace back to her room and then got himself ready for work. 

When I got up with Grace later in the morning, I came out to find my tree missing!  I thought for sure the Grinch had stolen my sweet little tree!  After a quick peek into the garage, I found my tree safely hiding in the garage until we can find something taller to place the tree on...away from curious little hands. 

In addition to finding a safe spot for the tree, I also need to learn how to take better photos of the lit tree.  (the top photo was with the flash on, the bottom with the flash off)

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Anonymous said...

The tree is adorable! Funny it ended up in the garage.

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