Monday, December 12, 2011

Etsy Love: The Pickled Pumpkin

I love to shop Etsy and I have a few shops that I frequent often.  Well, as often as my tight budget will allow!  Hair clips seem to be the item I purchase most often. 

Ever since Grace was an infant, I was always looking for cute little clips to put in her hair.  Back then, she would only keep them in for a second or two.  But with every cute little dress or outfit, I made the attempt to put a cute clip in her hair! 

Now, Grace is thrilled with the idea of pretty flowers or sparkly hair clips in her hair!  Sometimes, bribing her with a really cute clip is the only way I can get her dressed without having to wrestle her into her outfit for the day! 

For the past two years, The Pickled Pumpkin has been the first (and often the last) place I look for clips to match Grace's seasonal wardrobes.  My favorite are the felt clips.  Grace has several felt flower clips in a variety of different colors from The Pickled Pumpkin.  I often use mis-matched pairs to cover the elastic bands that hold up her pigtails. 

Here are a few of my favorites items they currently have listed (you can click on the photo to be taken directly to the listing): 

Not only are the designs great, but you can't beat the customer service, fast shipping, and promotional deals that the shop owner, Shelly offers.  Currently, you can save 20% on your orders when you use coupon code: SHOPPINGFUN at the checkout! 

But hurry, if you are looking for something for the holidays, Wednesday is the last day to order for the holidays! 

Check out The Pickled Pumpkin on facebook  if you'd like to be informed of future deals and promotions. 

Disclaimer:  I have not been paid for this review/post.  I simply like this shop and wanted to share with my readers. 

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