Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Spring Chick Challenge ~ Let's try this again!

I wish I could say that my first week of my weightloss journey went well.  I think my buddy Nicole said it best when she called last week a Big Fat Fail.  Yep, I don't even think I lasted a full day before I decided to go over my daily calories.  On day two, I decided I didn't want to track calories at all.  On day three, I didn't even concern myself with the fact that I started a challenge.  I could go on with all of the negative aspects of the past week....but I won't. 

Instead, I will mention a few good points of the week.  Like the fact that for 3 days, I gave up soda.  Or that 4 days last week, I took my vitamins.  And it can't go without mentioning that I ate oatmeal instead of donuts for breakfast several mornings last week.  I even managed to get in a few dairy servings. 

All of that may not sound like much, but people that know me as a soda guzzling, junk food junkie know that all of those things are a very big deal for me.  HUGE! 

I did notice that even though I strayed from calorie counting, my portions were smaller.  Most nights, I managed to resist going for seconds at dinner.  When I snacked, I either tried to make better choices or ate less than usual. 

Aside from total lack of dicipline, there were other factors that contributed to last week's failure.  Boredom.  Exhuastion. Stress. 

  • After all of the excitement of the holidays, last week was a let down!  Boring with a capital B!  I eat when I'm bored.  You know, like grabbing a snack during the commercial break.  Last week, was one long commercial break! 

  • I had a very difficult to wind down at the end of the day and found myself up until the wee hours of the morning, making it very difficult to make good choices for myself or to care that I was making poor choices. 

  • Grace was extremely grumpy and needy last week.  I think she was having separation issues after Joe went back to work making her whiny and cranky for days at a time.  After spending hours catering to her crying and demanding attitude, did I really want to worry about how many calories I was eating?  No way!  All I wanted to do was eat that stress away!  But guess what...it didn't work!  I'm still stressed and still fat.  Why won't I learn? 

I weighed in yesterday with a 0.2 loss.  Not what I expected at all.  I fully expected a big ol' gain!  But don't pat me on the back for that 0.2 decrease in weight.  It's only a normal fluctuation in weight.  I could go back and forth gaining and losing that same 0.2 for the next year if I don't do something about it now.  So, today I am starting over.  Today is a beginning.  Hopefully, with better results and better discipline than last week. 

I want to thank all of you for all of your wonderful comments and support.  You are all so very wonderful.  I didn't have much computer time last week, so I didn't get a chance to check out all of your posts, but I'll make a point to visit (and cheer you on) this week! 

For those of you that are participating in the Spring "Chick" Challenge, I'll be tracking my progress over at My Fitness Pal. My username is fitmomma613 if you want to follow along over there. You can also find me on facebook here and here. (If you want me to add you to my personal account, please message me that you are part of the challenge.)


Bluezy said...

The holidays sure did mess with MY mojo. I think it is good to focus on your strong moments like you did.

Fatoutofskinny said...

One day at a time. Baby steps. Just change one little thing a day.

Maren said...

It is what it is. Now we look forward to next week and work for better results! :)

Monica (Weight Loss Journey) said...

It's good that you fessed up to the things you didn't do!! But good that you focused on the good, Good luck this week we are all Here behind you!!

Carbie Girl said...

thats the perfect way to describe it.. a long commercial break. I hate when I eat from something as trivial as being bored. Theres like a million things on my to-do list, how can i really ever be bored? I hope week 2 is turning out to be much better for you <3 Keep at it and before we know it, the weeks will be rolling by with successes!

Denise said...

We all have bad weeks, but at least you made small changes in your habits. In order to be successful you need to start with small changes and eventually they become good habits.

Deea @ Sprinkle Some Sunshine said...

I'm so impressed with your goals & putting them out there. I had a goal to run 3 days this week & I only WALKED one day. Ugh! Next week is a new week & I'll try harder. I'm a diet coke addict so I know how hard it is to go 3 days without one! Good luck on your challenge!

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