Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

I have a terrible habit of thinking negatively about things. It's something I really need to work on. I found Friday's Fave Five and thought that by participating and thinking of 5 positive things each week, might help me overcome my dark, negative way of thinking.

So, here's my first attempt.

  1. Autumn. I love the crisp, fall weather that we've been seeing here these days. I'm happy that the air conditioners can be turned off (hopefully removed from the windows this weekend) and sweaters and sweatshirts can be brought out of storage. I'm looking forward to seeing the leaves on the trees change color and start to fall. It's such a beautiful time of the year...and cozy too!
  2. My Crock Pot. I've said this before, but it's worth repeating: I LOVE my crock pot! It's become my favorite kitchen appliance these days. It really has made my life a lot easier. Now, I don't have to stress over finding time to make dinner in the afternoon. Just a few minutes in the morning while the baby is still asleep, and dinner is taken care of!
  3. Trader Joe's Moisturizing Cream. I found this last year at Trader Joe's. They keep a bottle of it on the check out counter to sample. The full name (and it's a long one) is: Trader Joe's A Midsummer Night's Cream Moisturizing Cream Extra Dry Formula. I chose to buy the unscented version, since I have issues with strong fragrances. This has a slight scent, but nothing overpowering. It's an herbal blend and contains aloe. Now, with the change of weather, my hands have become really dry. Plus with the baby, I feel like I am constantly washing my hands. So, I keep this next to the bathroom sink and try to remember to use after each hand washing. I started using this again just the other day, and I can feel my hands getting softer already!
  4. Blogging. I'm new at blogging, just about a month ago, I started 2 blogs. One for random topics and the other for recipe and kitchen related topics. I'm enjoying myself a lot. It's the creative outlet that I've been lacking this past year.
  5. My baby's smile. My daughter is 5 months old today. She is so pleasant and she makes me smile and laugh a lot. My absolute favorite part of the day is when she wakes up. When I hear her stirring and go to get her out of her bed, she greets me with such a huge, smile and sometimes a squeal or giggle!

So, those are my favorites for this week. Sorry, no pictures this time. I'm working on starting to take pictures that I can post on my blogs. Hopefully, soon.


Lisa Babcock said...


elizabeth said...

Great list and I kept changing my mind on what my comment would be as I read each entry! But what really got me was #5. I've got a 2 year old granddaughter now and I call her my little ray of sunshine, just like her aunt (my daughter) was when she was her age. The minute they open up their little eyes they burst into a smile. Isn't it great to have a happy baby?

Brenda said...

Nothing makes a mother as happy as a babies smile. So wonderful! I love my crockpot too and use it frequently.

Alison said...

Thanks, Lisa! I'm hoping this works to help me keep a positive outlook on life.

Elizabeth, now you have me curious as to what you would have commented for each item! And yes! It's wonderful to have a happy baby!

Brenda, so true! So true!

Thanks to all for stopping by!

mom2triplets04 said...

Great list this week. I too have been very negative lately but doing these 5 positive things each week really has helped me stay positive.

I have a crockpot. Use it sometimes. My problem is I can't find any good recipes that I want to actually eat again. Can you share some?

Alison said...

mom2triplets, Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear that this is helping you to stay positive! That gives me hope that it will work for me!

Can I share crock pot recipes??!! Indeed, I can! I have a few on this blog (check the labels on the side bar) and also some on my recipe/kitchen blog

You can see that too on my side bar under the list of blogs I read.

Thanks for visiting!

Susanne said...

Hi Alison! Welcome to Friday's Fave Five. This is a wonderful outlet to help you look for those good things, whether they be big or small. Sometimes it's hard to find them in hard weeks, but if you look they will be there.

I love all your fives for this week, although we don't have Trader Joe's here, I do love a good moisturizer! :v)

Autumn is my favorite time of year and it goes hand in hand with the crockpot. I use mine a lot.

Your baby is at an adorable age!

Alison said...

Thanks, Susanne! I am really trying to notice the good things around me, even when times are tough. And to put them on my blog, I need to actually think about the good things, and that helps me to not take them for granted.

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