Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Free Sample Links: Rachel Ray Dog Food, Oust, Pregnancy Tests and more!

I've mentioned before that I love free samples. Love them! When the samples are food items, like cereal or granola bars, I like to put them in the car for snacks on the road. I like to snack on dry cereal, so that's perfect for me. I hate when we are stuck in traffic or on our way home too close to dinner time. I get hungry in the car and we don't always want to stop at a drive-thru. Okay, yeah, I ALWAYS want to stop at a drive-thru since I am a junk food junkie, but hubby...not so much! So, cereal is a great option....even better when it's a free sample!

So, on the topic of samples....I wanted to share some deals with y'all today. I frequently get emails from different sample websites like I wanted to pass along some samples that might be of interest to all of you.

Free Sample of Rachel Ray's Nutrish dog food. After you punch in your information, you are given the option to get a printable coupon for $3.50 off a 6 lb. bag of Nutrish OR you can click the option to wait for your free sample in the mail. I chose the sample in the mail.

Poise Bladder Control products. These are very handy to have around, even if you don't normally experience bladder control problems. I had a sample in my linen closet that I signed up for about a year ago. When my water broke on the day that Grace was born, I wasn't sure how I was going to make it from home to the hospital without being soaked. Somehow, I remembered the sample I had in the linen closet! Worked perfectly! Also, these worked great after the baby was born and I ran out of the heavy-duty hospital pads. Regular maxis weren't "cushy" enough or even absorbent enough to deal with the bleeding after delivery. Poor hubby had to go to the drug store to buy me some Poise! Not pregnant and don't need to worry about your water breaking? How about during cold season? All that sneezing and coughing can sometimes cause leaks....perfect FREE solution! Get your sample today!

Poise Sample Kit includes:

  • 1 Poise Liner
  • 1 Poise Long Liner
  • 1 Poise Ultra Thin Pad

Kotex Overnight with Wings samples are available on All You magazine's website. Also, after you enter all of your information, you are given the option to try 2 free issues of All You magazine!

Kotex Sample Pack, I'm not sure what comes in the sample pack, but even if it's just one's still FREE! Besides, I really like Kotex. It's the only feminine pad I can use.

Playtex Sport Tampon. I don't use tampons, except for the rare occasion that I want to go swimming and have my period. But I like to have some on hand for guests who don't prefer my Kotex pads.

Sacred Heart Mission is offering Free Ovulation Kits and Pregnancy tests. Limit 10 per household. Any combination of the 2 items equaling 10 items.

Little Debbie is giving away 125,000 cupcakes! Enter for a chance to win! You can enter once a day...every day! Promotion ends on March 31st 2010. Someone from Little Debbie will contact you by email if you are a winner! I'd love to know if any of my readers win, so be sure to post back here if you win!

Oust Air Sanitizer II. The first 10,000 requests will receive a FREE trial-sized air freshener. Click this link to request your sample and also get current coupons for other great products!

I love free samples! They make me smile when I find them in my mailbox!

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much! I just ordered the 10 free pregnancy tests!!!! My husband will be so happy ;)

Alison said...

Great, Cari! I'm glad someone can benefit from the information. Those tests add up when TTC. I ordered some of the Ovulation kits and a few PG tests for when we try for a second. Hope the expiration dates aren't too soon! We have about a year before MAYBE trying again!

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