Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Tip for today: Coupon Reminder

After reading Lisa's post about coupons not being deducted at the register, I started to think about my own experiences with coupons.

While most of the time, everything works as planned. All the coupons are deducted and doubled as they should.

My big issue with coupons are the coupons for FREE items. I'm pretty new to couponing as well as being a new mommy. We grocery shop as a family. My husband entertains the baby in the shopping cart, while I run around the store like a crazy person, trying to get finished as quick as possible before our small window of opportunity (pleasant baby) runs out!

So, when I am reading what size item I need to match which coupon, I don't really remember all of the prices for items by the time I get up to the register. I figure the computer will do that part....right?

Well, everytime I have one of those coupons for a FREE item (happened last time with dog food and Kashi cereal coupons) the cashier asks me: "Do you remember the price of that item?" Uh.....no....sorry. The cashier then looks around, confused. Not wanting to check the computer to see what the item costs so that he/she can deduct the correct amount.

This is the part that shopping with the hubby isn't such a great idea, even if he is great entertainment for the baby. Once the cashier starts to look around confused, my husband reaches for the coupons, hands them to me and tells me we'll use them next time.

Ugh! Last time this happened, we spent $4 on items that I would not have wanted to buy without the coupon. And ended up not using the coupon! Turns out the dog hated that type of dog food and we haven't tried the Kashi cereal yet.

Anyway, my point is.....I need to remember to write down the price of the free items, so that I can be prepared the next time the cashier doesn't want to do their job. It was also brought to my attention later, that the cashiers aren't supposed to take our word for the cost of the item....they are, in fact, supposed to go back into the register to look up the price. But I'll be prepared for the next time...I hope!

And speaking of coupons....I found a printable coupon for Tabasco Sauce. Read more about it and get the link here.

For more helpful hints, check out Kitchen Tip Tuesdays at Tammy's Recipes.

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Lisa Babcock said...

Shortcuts has a loadable coupon also for those stores who participate (like Genuardis and Kroger).

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