Friday, October 9, 2009

Frugal Friday: Frugal Firsts: Coupons, Ebay Earnings and Halloween Costumes

This year, we're celebrating a lot of "firsts" with our daughter. Right now, she's just about a week older than 5 months old. Time is going fast and we're really trying to make each moment special and memorable.

This week, we bought her first Christmas present AND first Disney movie! The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack!

Walmart had it on sale this week for $19.96. (Normally, $24.96.)
I used the $10 coupon that I read about and printed. (Thanks, Frugal in Virginia!) So, after the sale and coupon, the movie was $9.96 plus tax! Not bad for TWO of Gracie's "firsts"!

Another first that we'll be celebrating soon is Halloween. We're pretty excited to dress Gracie up in her costume and take her to see her grandparents.

She's going to be a lady bug! And, oh what a cute bug she'll be! I really splurged on her costume, but I used the money I earned by selling some items on Ebay.

Instead of ordering antennae for her costume, I decided that a beanie with a big red flower would be the perfect topper to her costume. Plus, the hat and flower are more likely to be used again for normal wear than the antennae would be.

I found the perfect red peony hair band at Lemon Drop Baby Boutique. The peony I ordered was attached to a white hair band, I also added a plain black beanie and a black hair band to my order. Since the flower is removeable, I can switch it from band to band to beanie!

After a few friendly messages with Cindy, she set up a private order for me and it's now on it's way to me! (Be sure to check my blog for pictures and a shop review after it arrives!)

I am pretty happy to have been able to get a couple of things for Gracie this week. And even happier that I was frugal in the items I purchased.

Coupons, ebay earnings and double use items made some splurge purchase possible this week!

With Christmas coming up quick, I'm hoping to find some more frugal deals!

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Niki Jolene said...

The ladybug idea sounds so cute!

We just got the Snow White DVD too. Loved it as a kid, just loved it.


Diann said...

I have the new DVD as well and plan on watching it tonight!

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