Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Follow Us Monday Morning: Better Late...right?

PhotobucketI really planned on posting this much earlier today....um yesterday!  Joe had a rare day off today yesterday and we spent the day doing stuff as a family.  It was a very-much-needed day! 

This is my second week participating in Follow Us Monday Morning.  I'm enjoying finding new blogs and meeting new friends.  All in all, just adding to my blog addiction!  :) 

I made some readers sad with my post about my first days of school last week.  I'm sorry.  That wasn't my intention at all.  I guess now, my mom and I can look back at those days and laugh.  But I guess it still hits too close to home for all of you with school aged kids.  I still have some time before I have to deal with Grace's first day of school and I do worry that I will have to deal with separation anxiety issues with her.  If not her anxiety, but my own! 

I decided to answer this week's question, too! 

What is your favorite season? 

During my high school years,  my favorite was summer.  From sophomore year until the year after graduation, my family rented a campsite year round about an hour from the city.  (Not far from where I live now.)  I met some of my bestest buddies there and since we all lived in different areas, once summer was over, we didn't see each other again until the following spring/summer.  I don't get to see my old friends from those days, but I do keep in touch with many of them (thanks to facebook!).  Great memories of those days always seem to be more prominent during the months between Memorial Day and  Labor Day! 

Now, as an adult, autumn is my favorite season.  I love cool, crisp days outside when you can smell the smoke from a fire in a fireplace or burning leaves from one of the nearby farms.  Pumpkin patches, caramel apples, bright colored leaves on the trees and ground!  I'm really looking forward to enjoying the fall with Grace this year.  I can't wait to show her the fun of running around and jumping into a pile of leaves! 

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