Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog Love: Fall Edition ~ Part 2

Here are just a few of the wonderful fall sweets that I found around blog-land this week: 

Katie from The Cutting Back Kitchen made this Topsy Turvy Apple Pie to celebrate her parent's 30th wedding anniversary.  How yummy does this look?  And in case you can't tell by the photo, this is not your traditional apple pie!  It's served upside down! 

Yvonne spent 4 days trying to find the perfect caramel for her Stone Gable No Fail Caramel Apples.  These caramel apples are almost too pretty to eat!  I love the twig stems in place of the usual popsicle stick!  And the sweet, little ribbons on the end are just the perfect finishing touch!

I love Oreos!  So much so, that we can't have them in the house.  I can inhale an entire package of them by myself in two days!  I have no will power...especially if Double Stuffs are involved!  I might have to pick up a single serve package so I can make some of these great Chocolate Pumpkin Oreos that I found over at La-DEE Da Creations. 

Christy's posts are becoming a regular thing here on Blog Love!  Can you tell that I really love her blog?  Last week was Ghost Week over at From Glitter to Gumdrops.  This week, she is all about the Candy Corn!  This idea is so crafty and a more "Martha-ish" spin on just tossing some candy corn onto some cupcakes or other baked goods.  I already devoured finished my bag of candy corn this year, I'll have to grab another bag this weekend so I can attempt to make some Candy Corn Fondant.

As a final Blog Love for this week, I wanted to tell you all about a giveaway that's going on over at Extraordinary Life.  Lisa is giving away this great Pancake Prize Package and offers 5 ways to enter!  Check it out...giveaway ends on Monday, October 25th.

I'll be linking this post to the following carnivals this week:

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Katie said...

Alison, thanks for highlighting my apple pie :) I need to check out all of the other recipes...they look wonderful!

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