Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of January 24th

Does anyone else feel like last week really dragged on by?  I'm not really complaining.  I'd rather my days with Grace seem longer than feel like they are just passing me by.  But really it just seemed like a really long, drawn out week.  I'm really feeling the winter blahs right now.  We had snow again last week and there is talk about a possibility of more snow this week.  I've lost count of how many snow storms we've had already this winter. 

Really, I shouldn't complain about the snow.  It's not like I have to go out in it.  I don't have to worry about shoveling out my car so I can get to work in the morning.  Not to mention the worry of having to actually drive in it.  I don't have to do that either.  I just can't stand the cold!!!  We live in an older home with drafty windows and doors, so it always feels chilly in here during the winter months.  Joe bought a window insulator kit by Duck Tape and put it on several of our windows.  That, (plus all of the hot bowls of homemade soup) seems to be helping a lot.

Last week was another successful week for menu planning.  I still didn't get to everything on my plan, but that's mainly because I cook way too much for just our small family.  We had an extra night or two of leftovers last week, but that's okay.  We haven't minded the leftovers, I actually like the idea of stretching the menu plan.  Since I've been trying to plan around food we already have in the freezer and pantry, whatever we don't eat one week, just rolls into the next week.  Helping to keep our food budget low.  Gotta love that, right? 

Grace took a really good nap on Sunday, which allowed me to organize our chest freezer in the basement.  I also re-organized the kitchen freezer too.  I moved some items downstairs that I knew we wouldn't be using right away, and brought things upstairs that I planned on cooking in the next week or two.

Hashbrown Casserole

Here's what's planned for this week: 

Crock Pot Minestrone Soup

We still never got around to having the chicken, rice and veggies.  I'm really hoping to get to it this Sunday.  I have a lot of chicken in the freezer that I really want to see get cooked soon.  The Scalloped Ham and Macaroni wasn't made either.  AGAIN.  It would have appeared this week again, except the ham dish for this week will be made with cabbage so I can use the half a head of cabbage that's in the veggie bin in the fridge.

Last week's Chocolate Covered Banana Cake was super yummy!  This is one of my favorite desserts.  I really enjoyed having a homemade treat just before bed.  I found a couple dessert recipes online this week, that I'd like to try, but this week seems like it's going to be a busy week.  I'm not sure if I'll actually get around to making any sweet treats this week. I'll let you know if I end up baking something. 

Don't forget to check out Menu Plan Monday over at for more menu planning ideas and recipes!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your leftovers! I used to have them, but now my boys are growing up and eating a lot so we only have leftovers if the meal wasn't a hit... Happy menu planning ♥ Kelsey

Becca Salmon said...

Stopping over from MPM ~ your menu looks yummy. I love to use my crockpot. As a SAHM I can fix it and forget it; allowing me more time with my 3 kiddos :) Happy Planning

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