Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weight Loss Tip ~ have a weight loss buddy

When dieting in the past, I've always felt alone.  My husband already watches what he eats and it doesn't seem to bother him one bit, but then again, he's not dieting and doesn't really need to.  He definitely has much more discipline and will-power than I do when it comes to portion size and snacking.  And with friends that don't need to watch their weight, it was frustrating to have to make the "better" choices and stick to my diet when everyone else around me could eat whatever they wanted.

It didn't take long for feelings of resentment to set in and soon after that, I'd quit and gain back all of the weight I lost and more.
The biggest thing that I've found to be helpful in this challenge so far, is the fact that I have an amazingly supportive weight loss buddy!

I first found out about the Summer Sizzle Slimdown Challenge from my blogging buddy Nicole (from Colie's Kitchen).  She told me she was joining and invited me to jump in and sign up, too.  I was really reluctant to join, since all of my past efforts to join weight loss challenges have ended badly.  I didn't want to publicly announce my plans to lose weight considering all other attempts didn't last very long at all.  Each time I fell off the wagon and never fully got back on.

Since the start of the challenge, Nicole and I have been checking in with each other via email at least once a day (usually more).  We offer each other support when we feel discouraged and cheer each other on when we reach goals or achieve non-scale victories!  (She had a few amazing Non-Scale Victories last week!  I'll let her tell you about it...but let me just say, I was super-impressed!)

Last week, I was having a particularly bad moment (not entirely weight loss related, but it was making me want to quit anyway) and Nicole gave me a fabulous pep talk and made me feel much better!

The most amazing thing about this is that I've never met Nicole in person.  We became friends online while reading each others' blogs.  Her friendship means a lot to me, even more-so now as we work together to reach our goals to be fit and healthy!

Thank you Nicole,  for being a fabulous friend and weight loss buddy!  If you are dieting "alone", I definitely recommend that you get yourself a weight loss buddy!

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