Friday, June 8, 2012

Weight Loss Tip ~ Appearance IS Everything

For me, when it comes to food...appearance is everything.  When I prepare my dinner plate (or any meal or snack), I try to arrange my food in a way that looks appealing.  A lot of this is for blog photo purposes, but it also makes the meal a bit more enjoyable for myself. 

The same goes when I'm dieting.  Although, smaller portions don't always look so great on those big empty dishes and bowls!  It just doesn't look like enough food!  As I learned from my experience this past week and previous diets, those smaller portions ARE ENOUGH, it's just a matter of convincing our brains that enough is enough. 

One way I "trick" myself that I'm eating a large enough portion is by using smaller dishes.  It really does work!

Cute dishes work for me, too. I'm all about food as a reward or a treat, but I have to change that mindset.  So why not make my everyday meals more special?  By making each meal special and something to look forward to, maybe I can eliminate some of those cravings for other, higher calorie "treats". 

I have a few cute little dishes that I like to use when I have a serving of yogurt for breakfast.  This vintage glass sour cream jar is my favorite yogurt dish right now!  It's perfect for my 225 grams (1 cup) of vanilla yogurt (Dannon Light & Fit) topped with strawberries! 

Filled to the top, this little glass of yogurt looks much more appealing than if the same portion was just scooped into a bigger bowl.  Now, my morning yogurt looks like a yummy dessert!  All for 122 calories!  Heck, I could even layer the yogurt and strawberries and then add a dollop of fat-free whipped topping or whipped cream and really make it look like a dessert! 

This is a trick I learned years ago, while following the Weight Watcher's online program.  It worked for me then and it's been working for me so far this week!  Try it out...see if it works for you! 


Rochelle said...

I used to put my Lean Cuisines on small plates because I always thought the portions were so skimpy and it depressed me to eat them out of their given container. I like the idea of making each meal special in it's own way - and if dishes can do it - then why not?

PlumPetals said...

I've found that the presentation of food makes a big difference when it comes to enjoyment. It's definitely worth puttin in that extra time and effort.

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