Friday, July 13, 2012

Supporting our Local Schools ~ Country Fair

Several weeks ago, we took Grace to a Chicken BBQ and Country Fair that was being held in our town.  It's a small, annual event that is hosted by a local school.  We've taken Grace for the past 3 years.  

Grace is too young for a lot of the activities, so we're never there for more than an hour or so, but we don't mind it for a quick outing.

We usually grab something to eat while we're there and then go to their take-out area to pick up some BBQ Chicken to take home for an easy dinner.  We also take home one of the delicious strawberry pies that the event is known for!  Mmmm!

Last year, Grace rode the pony cart and loved it!  We weren't sure how she would like it, so I rode with her (poor pony!) but we won't be seeing those photos today!  

This year, Grace rode with one of the girls that was running the pony cart rides and thought it was great!  She really enjoyed being a big girl!

The hot air balloon was also part of the fair's attractions, but since Grace is afraid of heights, we opted to skip it.  She did think it was neat to see the big balloon up so close though!

This is one of the more expensive community events we've attended this summer since we purchased tickets for the pony cart and some of the other activities in addition to the take-out chicken and pie.  But since the proceeds go right back to the school, we don't mind at all!

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